Golden Rules For Writing An Essay In MLA

MLA format citation is one of the basic formats that are commonly used today. Any student who wants to shine in class must be at par with all the other formats used. Apart from MLA, other alternatives include APA, Chicago, and Harvard style. If you suspect that you may be asked to use any of the above, you have no choice but to make sure you get well informed. However in this case, we shall specifically look at MLA format essays. Consider the guidelines below when formatting the text.

Spacing within the text

One needs to understand that there are two major ways to apply spacing within a text. First, you have to separate one word from the other. In this case, double spacing is used. You do not have to press the space bar twice after every word in order to achieve this spacing. All you need to do is make the settings either before or after typing the entire text. All the settings will then apply to the whole of it. However, the space between words is double spacing while that after periods, commas and other useful marks in the text is simply a single spacing.

Page size

Every printable work has to be done on a specific size of page. You need to set standard measurements that are ideal for all the MLA sample papers. You just don’t write on any type of paper. The required measurements are 8.5 by 11 inches. Therefore before you start writing, you must make sure you have set your measurements first.

Paragraph indentation

A good term paper format should entail different paragraphs each carrying a specific message. However, there should be uniformity and logical flow both in the ideas and physical structure of these paragraphs. Each should begin with an indented line, spaced at one inch. One is advised to use the Caps tab to set the spacing rather than manually pressing the space bar as this may result in errors.


The main reason why reading an MLA style paper is so easy is because of the small rules that are applied. If you want to craft one perfectly, you must also adhere to these guidelines accordingly. It is necessary to put a header to run at the top of the page. To create a header, go back to your topic and modify it to become brief but do not change its meaning. This should then be written at the right upper corner of the page. There is a place at the top of the Word page where you can press before inserting the header. If you do not have computer skills, simply look for assistance from someone with experience.

Margin spacing

A well-structured MLA format example should have uniform spacing that covers all the sides. A student should provide a half inch spacing all around the page. This does not matter with the number of pages you have written. Learn from an expert on how to set this kind of spacing so that your marks are not subtracted. If your work is neat, then you should be certain of passing.

MLA handbook will make your work appear professional and therefore, you have no reason why you should not adhere to the above simple rules. Any kind of assistance should be sort from an expert such as your teacher.

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