English Essay Topics

The English essay is in terms of questions. You have to answer the question asked in writing your essay. Here is a list of the topics to consider:


  1. Is studying online fruitful as one on one classes?
  2. What are the ways students can fight depression during the pandemic period?
  3. How has quarantine affected families both negatively and positively?
  4. What is the importance of wearing a mask when you walk out of the house?
  5. Which measures can you take to make sure that you retain your friends during this period?
  6. How can seniors make the best out of their last semester during the pandemic?
  7. What traits can people learn from the disease?
  8. Which ways can a country take to start all over again?
  9. Has COVID-19 transformed the lives of learners negatively or positively?
  10. How has the disease affected the goals of learners?
  11. Will the change of policies matter?
  12. Which tools can teachers use to make the online study more effective?
  13. What can make learners consider using their time effectively?
  14. Which steps should parents take to make their small kids study?
  15. Is there a possibility that some parents will allow their children to school from home even after schools get open?
  16. How can you prevent oneself from contracting the disease?
  17. Which category of learners is facing the most problem having to deal with homeschooling?
  18. How can you support students with disabilities with their education?
  19. Does the disease cause stress?

Body Image

  1. Which measures can fashion take to showcase their products?
  2. How are love movies affecting people in serious relationships?
  3. What are the benefits of beauty scene to ladies?
  4. Do men ever get embarrassed because of their bodies?
  5. How can advertising make a man look down on himself because of his body?
  6. How can the fashion industry consider using people with moderate bodies apart from models?
  7. Can big brands go for huge models?
  8. How does plastic surgery affect women, and what are the benefits?
  9. How can a doll be of unfavorable effect on the body picture of little girls?
  10. Which ways can help women accept their bodies the way they are without feeling less confident?

News Topics

  1. How do you know if the information is fake or not?
  2. How is favoring related to reporting?
  3. What is the work of a reporter in this generation?
  4. Do you think sane people reporting gives us the best?
  5. Is reading a newspaper the old way of getting information?
  6. Do reporters go deep enough while getting news?

Food and Eating

  1. Why should you stay away from a lot of junk?
  2. Should one use a glass while drinking water apart from the bottle?
  3. Should you eat food without gluten to be considered healthy?
  4. Which restaurant will you tell someone to try?
  5. Which places can one spend less money and eat good food?
  6. Do you prefer to go to the coffee shop around you?
  7. Which foods should an athlete eat?


  1. What are the benefits of giving learns assignments?
  2. Do you prefer your children to attend one on one classes or online?
  3. How are vaccinations effective in schools
  4. Why do most students complain about Math?