Simple Steps To Make Your Essay On Christmas The Best

If you were instructed to write a Christmas day essay, then you must be prepared to bring back old memories and tell stories. You also need to impress your teacher, so write with that in mind. However, most students can tell their stories verbally but have problems doing the same thing when it comes to writing. If you are in this category, here are simple tips that will help you out.

  1. Be in a thinking mood
  2. How do I even start an essay on how I spent my holiday? Should I begin from when I took the decision together with my parents to travel to Paris or when we started the journey? At this point, there would be dozens of ideas in your head. You will be confused on the first event to narrate in your essay.

    If you find yourself in this condition, the first thing to do is to get into a thinking mood. Get yourself to recall all the great memories you had during your holiday trip.

    Think of the first place you visited and write about how you have always dreamt of going there someday. You can mention others besides the first place and state your experience and fun you had on each of these places you visited.

  3. Prepare an outline
  4. If the instruction is to create “my holiday essay,” your first approach should be to create an outline that would guide you. It will also help you to organize your ideas and thoughts. And you will be able to present them in writing in a logical manner that appeals to your readers' senses.

    The format for your essay is usually the introduction, body, and conclusion. But you can organize the idea for each paragraph in a logical manner. After talking about the places you visited in your first paragraph, what would be the point in the second and third? You can even have a paragraph on Christmas festival to make your paper interesting.

  5. Make your introduction compelling
  6. Your introduction might also include a few lines on Christmas, but must be captivating. Note that this part of your paper will determine whether or not readers are going to spend the time to read.

    Use a hook in your introduction to make readers develop an interest in your paper. You can use anecdotes to achieve your aim. When writing this type of paper, one of the things to consider is what the reaction of readers would be. So, if the introduction is 10 sentences about Christmas, you have to ensure that it is still captivating.


An inspiring Christmas essay in English or any other language is one that is genuine and filled with fun. It needs to also appeal to the emotions of readers which could be your teacher or other persons. Your paper should also be genuine. Learn to share your experience instead of copying from others. However, consider the tips above to write the best paper on Christmas holiday.