Academic Writing Tutorial: How To Finish A Top Grade Essay?

If you want to progress in your academic career, you are going to have to learn how to write a good essay. There are plenty of simple hints and tips from My Essay Geek you can apply to help you in this endeavour.

Read other essays

To enhance your creativity and to enhance your writing skills, read other essays. Analyze the work and see what makes their work great and use the same strategies. Look at the evidence they have presented and their logical reasoning, how does the author back up their claims?


Before you start writing spend some time brainstorming your ideas. When you think about your topic what comes to mind. Write everything down, you may be able to use it later. Always carry a pen and paper with you, you might get a surge of creative energy when you least expect it.

Choose a thesis statement

Examine the ideas you have come up with and choose up to three of your strongest points. You should be able to support these ideas using evidence from your research. You will then need to write a thesis statement summarizing the ideas that you plan on presenting. What you are doing here is letting the reader know where you intend on going with your argument and why.

Your thesis statement should be very focused and include your topic as well as what you intend to present. Do not write your thesis statement in first person and refrain from asking a question.

Make a plan

Create a sentence for your main ideas. You will then need to compile your evidence from your research materials. You should have three arguments supporting each point.