Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive essays are interesting to write about but require a lot of knowledge. It has some similarities with the argumentative essay. Persuasive essays are mostly about persuading a reader to understand and accept your point. It is challenging to choose a topic because you have to go with something you know perfectly. Take your time before you settle with anything. The topic you choose must be able to have strong evidence to support your work.

Here is a list of headings you can consider:

  1. The best thing about kindness
  2. Are summer classes necessary or not?
  3. Should schools consider putting internet filters in their gadgets?
  4. All students must perform in sports activities.
  5. Students bullying others in school should get punishments.
  6. Is it advisable for a school to have its newspaper?
  7. What are the causes of global warming?
  8. Students should not play any games that teach them to be violent.
  9. How does the internet help in controlling the lives of people?
  10. Is it good or bad for schools to remain open without any breaks?
  11. There should be no biases in schools in terms of sports. All students should take part in curriculum activities.
  12. Between ladies and gentlemen, who are the smartest?
  13. Is tea good for one’s health, or coffee?
  14. Lucky people get successful fast. Is it true?
  15. No spanking of children
  16. Parents do not condone the kidnapping of children.
  17. Nuclear power is an alternative to any energy problem.
  18. Both genders got to be treated equally at work.
  19. What are the advantages of schooling at home?

High School Topics

  1. Things that can help one remain fearless.
  2. Is it great for students to rate the services provided by their teachers?
  3. Is the homework necessary for bright students?
  4. Students using gadgets while reading. Is it necessary or not?
  5. How does the death penalty make things better in the US?
  6. Is it a good thing for students in college to consider uniformity?
  7. What makes teenagers change their characters?
  8. Why do teenage girls look up to specific celebrities?
  9. Does Economics transform the behavior of people in any way?
  10. People should make their own decisions regarding enrollment in the army.
  11. Do particular situations make people more confident about themselves?
  12. Have you had any encounters with a vampire?
  13. Is there any possibility of travel in time?
  14. People should not be terrified of global warming.
  15. Can one get a divorce when his/her partner is in a critical condition?
  16. How many children should people have?
  17. No one should pay any amount in hospitals.
  18. Does hard work and dedication make one better in the arts?
  19. Computers do not add any sense to people.

College Topics

  1. How does the feminist movement affect mothers?
  2. Is there a possibility that mature people understand the current generation?
  3. Which are the best ways to use in shaping a student?
  4. Retirement of teachers when they reach a certain age.
  5. Do breaks make things better for students?
  6. College students should have a limited assignment
  7. Littering should be prohibited.
  8. The type of partner to choose for marriage.
  9. People who break the rules by driving when high should get severe punishment
  10. Should wives be limited to make a certain amount of money?
  11. Falling out of love is not the cause of divorce.
  12. There should be no pornography.